Welcome to the Shine Kindness Project, where we believe in the power of small acts of kindness that help to spread happiness.

Our mission is to uplift individual spirits by sending greeting cards to your nominated friends and family. Whether it's a hardworking colleag ue, a struggling neighbor, or a beloved family member, anyone can benefit from a little bit of happy mail in their lives!

Who doesn't love receiving a little bit of happy mail - always a welcome surprise!

To participate, simply fill out this nomination form. Our team will thoughtfully write a personalized card to remind them to keep shining their light in the world – we'll then send it directly to the nominated individual.

Let's join forces in spreading kindness and making a difference in someone's day.
Together, let's brighten the world, one card at a time!

Thank you for spreading kindness with us - go into the world and shine your light.